Digital Marketing for the Holidays

Digital Marketing for the Holidays

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The holidays are a wonderful time of year, but for retail or service businesses, they can also be one of the most competitive times of year for reaching out to customers.
It’s an excellent time to examine your digital marketing strategy before the holiday rush begins. You can also consider your budget at this time and get a merchant cash advance for a little extra to put towards your ad campaigns; it’s a great business loan alternative.

Holiday Email Marketing
Start with your email marketing strategy. Inboxes are usually more crowded with marketing emails during the holidays, and users get a little more selective about which ones they will open.

You can begin by sending your email newsletter to a small select segment of your list and schedule your emails carefully. For Christmas, an effective strategy is to email sometime during the ten days that lead up to the holiday with perhaps a countdown to Christmas day.

Make your subject lines unique and creative so that they are different than what everyone else is sending. It helps to be specific about your special offers, sales, and holiday products and services.

Holiday SEO and Paid Ads Campaigns
With search engine optimization, research new search terms in Google Trends to see what people are searching for during this year’s holiday season. Also, keep a close eye on your paid search budget and allow it to stretch during this peak shopping season. You can also focus on your higher-performing marketing campaigns or lower your bids on keywords that are not converting.

Social Media Holiday Marketing
To keep up with social media posts during the holiday season, consider using online social media scheduling tools for posts. Plan for the kinds of posts you will add to each platform, from sale announcements to holiday products. Schedule them on your digital marketing calendar. Scheduling will help to automate the process when posting to several social media networks during the holidays.

Because the holidays are a hectic time of year, avoid social media posts that ask for audience responses. You don’t want to have to spend your holiday responding to social media replies, and it’s wise not to invite interaction that could go viral.

Consider asking your staff to jump in and help with social media during the holidays and give them lots of incentives. This way, your business can still be responsive to questions, complaints, and comments, so that customer service is covered.

Is Your Website Holiday Ready?
Be sure your website is functional to handle the holiday rush and add navigational icons to places you want your visitors to go. Ensure that your contact information is correct and that your forms work, so if customers need to contact you during the holidays, someone can respond to their queries.

If you use an online live chat function on your website, be sure someone is available to respond, or the bot has the appropriate message to guide customers to assistance. Create and update your pages for the holiday season with select landing pages that promote your latest seasonal offers. Be sure that your holiday coupons are all up to date.

If last minute holidays sales are slow, consider retargeting for your paid advertisements to entice visitors to buy more of your products and services. Chances are they will return to your website and make a purchase.

During the holiday season, if your business needs a little more cash flow, consider a merchant cash advance, which is a fast and easy method to gain working capital. It is an excellent business loan alternative that can help supplement your marketing budget during the holiday season. Consider a merchant cash advance from Vader Mountain Capital. With an online application and funding within 24-72 hours there’s no better time than now to apply!

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