Gear Up Your Business for the New Year!

Gear Up Your Business for the New Year!

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The new year is a chance for every business owner to plan for the upcoming fiscal year. For many, it’s the perfect time to evaluate past performance and develop new strategies for growth in the next twelve months ahead.

Regardless of whether you are a new business owner, or you have an established company, here are three ways to gear up your business for the new year.

Ready For Growth

When you invest in your business, your business pays dividends back to you. Making intelligent upgrades, improvements, or a complete overhaul to your point-of-sale system, business equipment, technology, telecom services, and inventory can help fuel expansion. Or, perhaps you want to launch an aggressive marketing campaign, hire new employees, even out your daily cash flow, or open a new location or two.

Improve Systems And Workflows

Anytime that you can improve efficiency, you can improve productivity, which increases profitability. Depending on your business type, implementing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution helps to streamline communications and follow-up sequences with your prospects, leads, and customers. While it takes a bit of initial setup time and has a small learning curve, this software helps to keep your sales and marketing team in contact with inactive, active, and prospective clients. The more effectively and routinely you contact your list, the better your chances for increasing conversions and sales within your organization.

Upgrade Your Digital Presence

If you have a relatively dormant or brochure-style website that you haven’t spent much time updating recently, the new year is the perfect time to upgrade and revamp your company site. With the new decade comes the need to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly for people accessing the site on their Smartphones and mobile devices, that it meets all security protocols with TLS. Another factor to address is site speed. These days, major search engines have placed a high priority on websites that load quickly, and provide an excellent experience to end-users.

If you have growth initiatives for the new year, but you could use financial backing to help these strategies become a reality, getting a merchant cash advance could help to back your moves could be in order. This business loan alternative is a flexible and straightforward way to gain access to funding based on your current sales receipts.

A merchant cash advance isn’t the same as a traditional business loan. As a business loan alternative, these lenders don’t rely on factors such as the owner’s credit score or tangible assets to determine whether to issue a cash advance. Instead, the company evaluates the creditworthiness of the applicant using factors such as business age and the credit card processing volume of the business.

If the company meets all the requirements and agrees to the terms of the cash advance, funds can get deposited to the company account in one or two business days, without lengthy applications and paperwork. To find out more how a cash advance could help your business gear up for the new year, visit Vader Mountain Capital.

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